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Wonderfold W2 Flex Canopy Black

Wonderfold W2 Flex Canopy Black

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Get unparalleled coverage with the W2 Flex Canopy and keep the little ones safe from harmful UV Rays on your days out with the WonderFold.

Unleash the full potential of your outdoor adventures with the Flex Canopy – a shield of unparalleled coverage, is water-resistant with enhanced ventilation. Bid farewell to concerns about harmful UV rays. The W2 Flex Canopy offers ultimate versatility, featuring a removable front and back, along with adjustable side panels that reveal mesh sides, allowing you to tailor the coverage to your specific needs. Say hello to a world of personalized comfort and protection as you embark on memorable journeys with confidence, knowing that the Flex Canopy has you covered.

WonderFold W2 Flex Canopy Key Features:

• Unparalleled coverage for ultimate protection
• Removable front and back for versatile use
• Adjustable side panels that reveal mesh sides
• Convenient storage pockets for keeping essentials within reach
• Shields against harmful UV rays
• Easy to install for hassle-free setup

Wagon shown in images sold separately. 

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