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Wonderfold Car Seat Adapter W2

Wonderfold Car Seat Adapter W2

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The perfect, easy-to-install car seat adapter that offers 360-degree rotation!

Wonderfold Car Seat Adapter Features: 

-Compatible with W2 Elite/Luxe.
-Attaches to one side of the stroller wagon, leaving the other side open for a seat or bench seat
-Both bench seats can be removed to accommodate two car seat adapters for W4 models only.
-The adapter can rotate 360º at 90º intervals, allowing the car seat to face four different directions.
-Easy to install and folds with the stroller wagon.
-Safety strap for added safety and stability.

Materials and Care: 

Materials: Plastic (Nylon) and Stainless Steel
Cleaning: Clean with mild soap and water. Wipe dry or air-dry only.
Storage: Store the adapter in a cool, dry place when not in use. Please do not keep the adapter near a heat source, and do not expose it to the sun or rain for an extended period of time.

Seat sold separately, this is for the adapter only. 

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