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Toshi Organic Hybrid Walking Socks Jacquard Louisa

Toshi Organic Hybrid Walking Socks Jacquard Louisa

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Toshi Organic Hybrid Rubber Sole Socks are ergonomically designed for life€™s first steps. Our fusion shoe-socks feature an inner sock crafted from the finest quality organic cotton yarn. The organic cotton is soft and gentle on delicate feet, as well as our precious environment. Rubber soles cushion each step, providing flexibility, balance and stability. Baby safety is supported with a skid resistant rubber sole grip. Toshi Rubber Sole Socks are designed for ease of slipping on and off.
Carefully crafted with a knit cuff, our Rubber Sole Socks stay on while maintaining healthy circulation. Adorn your baby€™s feet with a sophisticated colour palette, refined design and intelligent functionality. The colour is Driftwood, an earthy and gender-neutral hue. Let the journey begin!

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