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Classic Sheepskins

Classic Sheepskins Sheep Skin Baby Rug - Short Wool Sleep

Classic Sheepskins Sheep Skin Baby Rug - Short Wool Sleep

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New Zealand's Softest Sheepskins. Soft, cosy and comforting, these short wool sheepskin rugs are ideal in baby€™s cot or bassinet. Best slipped under the fitted sheet to promote a great night€™s sleep for your little one.
Benefits of Sheepskin: 
Sleep:  The fine, natural wool fibres in sheepskin are cosy and soft, and help to regulate body temperature and absorb moisture, which all helps baby to sleep longer.
Natural: Wool is a pure, natural fibre designed by Mother Nature. Our New Zealand sheepskinsare sourced from local farmers and tanned in our Napier facility using organic processes.

Product Information

Colours: Natural White or Honey
Size: L 80cm x W 55cm (Approximate)
Wool Length: 20-25mm
Machine Washable.

Sanitised Chrome Free, No Harmful Chemicals, No Formaldehyde.

Sheepskins in Cot's: When using a sheepskin in a Cot for sleep we recommend the following advice from Plunket.

"If you want to use a sheepskin, use a short-hair type, and cover it with a sheet."

Classic Sheepskin baby sheepskinswe also use a Sanitize treatment which prevents the ability for Dust Mite’s to live in the sheepskin and this process remains in the sheepskin even after washing therefore helping prevent babies from developing Asthma.

Cleaning: This sheepskin baby rug is machine washable and the wool can be easily spot cleaned. 

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