Nuk Teats - First Choice+ Latex 2pk

Nuk Teats - First Choice+ Latex 2pk


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For many years, NUK First Choice has been the first choice for bottle feeding modelled on breastfeeding. NUK First Choice+ has managed to get even closer to nature, for healthy jaw development and a drinking sensation as if at a mother’s breast-approved by The British Dental Health Foundation.

First Choice+ Latex Features:

  • Naturally shaped to fit the jaw: modelled on a mother´s nipple as she breastfeeds
  • As soft as possible: for a familiar feeling while drinking
  • Helps prevent colic: the improved Anti-Colic Air System
  • Orthodontic NUK shape and extra wide lip rest
  • Fits all NUK FIRST CHOICE bottles
  • Natural and biodegradable latex material 
  • 2 per pack


0-6 months - S (extra- fine hole = for thin liquids), M (medium-fine hole = for formula) 

 6-18 months - S (extra- fine = for thin liquids), M (medium-fine hole = for formula), L (large hole= for thick liquids.)

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