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The Lactation Station

The Lactation Station Lactation Cookies - Various Flavors

The Lactation Station Lactation Cookies - Various Flavors

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The humble Lactation Cookie is where The Lactation Station began and is still the customer favourite. Filled with three key ingredients enriched with milk boosting galactagogues. Available in six flavours and catering to dietary requirements from Gluten Free to Vegan.
With 5 delicious favours to choose from:
Dark Choc There is no denying it. Dark Choc takes the award for being a breastfeeding mothers favourite. Dark Chocolate bits are blended through the cookie to ensure every bite gives you the chocolate flavour many mothers desire.
White Choc Coming second on the sales chart. White choc is another favourite. With white chocolate chunks throughout the cookies, mothers tend to gain an unbelievable craving for this flavour.
Coconut Cranberry (Dairy-Free) This combination is proven to be a winner. Being a Dairy-free option means that this flavour is a hit with breastfeeding mothers. This is especially popular with our Asian customers.
Peanut Butter Choc The name says it all. With a mixture of crunchy peanut butter and dark chocolate chunks, this flavour is delicious.
Salted Caramel, The newest addition to the family, is simply delicious!

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