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Hape Play Essentials Penguin Scale

Hape Play Essentials Penguin Scale

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Introduce counting and basic arithmetic in a fun way with this reciprocating penguin scale. Each fish has a different weight, so the little ones learn to assess and balance different weights. The attractive design of the great beam scale motivates children's interest in counting and arithmetic and improves the development of fine motor skills and the ability to concentrate.By interacting with this great educational toy, children improve their language and social skills alone or with others.The scope of delivery includes a storage bag for quick storage of all parts, which even makes cleaning up after the game fun.

Product Information

Includes 10 numbered, stackable fish, one waving penguin and two baskets.

DEVELOP KEY SKILLS: Balance scale games are a perfect way to introduce numeracy and maths skills, as well as promoting motor skills and concentration.

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: Perfect for encouraging team work and independent play, so they can develop their socialisation and language skills.

EASY TO STORE: It comes with a storage bag to store all accessories in, which helps children develop the habit of storing toys.

Place a random number of bigger weights in one of the penguin's baskets and see if you can guess how many smaller ones you need to balance it out. As each fish has a number painted onto it, your mini mathematician will thrive and grow in confidence as they learn simple addition and subtraction.

33 cm x 9 cm x 24 cm

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