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Franjo's Kitchen

Franjo's Kitchen Hydration Powder On the Go - x 10 Blood Orange

Franjo's Kitchen Hydration Powder On the Go - x 10 Blood Orange

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Handbag-friendly hydration sachets for mamas on the move

Our bestselling hydration powder is supercharged with electrolytes to support all stages of motherhood from pregnancy through to breastfeeding and beyond. It’s also healthy, delicious and now available in take-with-you sachets to make mum life a little bit easier.

Meet best setlling hydration powder. She’s bright, she’s berryfull and she’s here to show dehydration the door. Expertly developed by our naturopath and midwife, our hydration powder is plant-based and yummy enough to keep you sipping through pregnancy, playdates and parkruns.

Whether you’re heading to the hospital, the park, the office or the gym, these convenient sachets are a handbag/nappy bag essential. 

Simply pop one sachet into 750mls of water, give it shake and sip your way to feeling fresh, focused and ready for the juggle. 

Fill your cup and fuel your day. Hey there energy, focus and glowing skin.

  • 10 x 9 gram sachets (30 serves total) 
  • Hydration on the go 
  • Developed by Mums including a natropath and midwife
  • Mixed Berry Flavour
  • Low calories, sugar and sodium
  • No cafffeine, glyten or artifical flavours
  • Plant based ingretdients for ultimate absorbtion 

Product Information

What makes our hydration powder the best on the mama market?

Individual grab-and-go sachets to keep you hydrated all day long.
Developed by mums, including a naturopath and a midwife.
Blood orange flavour that your tastebuds and tum will love.
Very low in calories, sugar and sodium.
No caffeine, gluten or artificial flavours.
Packed with plant-based ingredients for the ultimate absorption.
Say goodbye to those sports drinks and labour aids that claim to be healthy but are full of sugar and sodium. Say hello to our sachets of hydration powder and hydrate your hardworking body, the natural way.

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