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Chicco Breast Pads: Antibacterial - 60pk

Chicco Breast Pads: Antibacterial - 60pk

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Chicco breast pads ensure maximum safety and delicateness for the breast skin. These are dermatologically tested and made of anti-bacterial fabric which ensures proper breast hygiene, helping prevent irritation. These are ultra-thin & breathable breast pads, invisible under clothing to provide maximum comfort and support to mums. Chicco breast pads are super absorbent which keeps the breasts dry.

Product Information

These breast pads are made of a special material that will help you to stay dry when you need to.
The soft lining makes them comfortable to wear and adhesive tape keeps them securely in place.
Their contoured shape guarantees a discreet, natural, and reliable fit.
These Breast pads are individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience.

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