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Bobux Sizing 

As you can see, both the Step Up and iwalk ranges include size 22. This is because of the different developmental stages children can be at when wearing this size - some are walking confidently, others are still finding their feet!

Pretty Brave Sizing 

Walnut Melbourne

Havaianas Sizing 

What is my Havaianas size?

To find the best Havaianas size for you, please refer to the following information. Note that Havaianas = Brazilian sizing, which is different to European sizes. Refer to the size chart below for Brazilian to NZ size and length (in cm) conversions.

Measuring your Havaianas...

Measure diagonally from centre of heel to the big toe. You may like to measure the underside of the sole so your straps don't get in the way!

How do I find the Brazilian size?

With Havaianas making their way all over the world, you might notice multiple sizes listed on your Havaianas. Our conversions and comparisons are always made using the Brazilian size as a base.



Cry Wolf Sizing 



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