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Viva La Vulva Perineal Massage Oil

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The all-natural Perineal Massage Oil is a must-try for any new mama-to-be. Your perineum is the firm muscle tissue between the vulva and anus. Massaging the perineal area from 34 weeks onwards can increase blood flow to the area, help the perineal skin stretch a little easier during birth and may reduce the risk of tearing! Think of perineal massage like a warm up for your perineum to help with the big day, mentally and physically.


Prepares perineum for birth by increasing elasticity

Reduces the risk of tearing and episiotomy

Can lower the need for stitches

Can help those with scar tissue from previous births

Increases blood flow to the area preparing skin tissues

Helps mama to relax and mentally prepare for birth

Made from all natural ingredients 


Hot Mama Tip: This all-natural oil is also great for baby massage or as a mama body oil.

Directions:  An instruction leaflet comes with every Perineal Massage oil as well.



Product Information

These natural oils have been carefully selected to make the massage easier without messing with your vaginas natural flora.

Grapeseed oil, Avocado oil, Apricot kernel oil and Vitamin E.

Jojoba oil

Calendula oil