Nuk Twist Bottle/Teat Brush

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NUK Twist Bottle/Teat Brush. Cleaning the baby bottles is just one of the daily tasks in every home with young children - and parents are happy when this task is done both simply and in no time at all!

The NUK Bottle Brush Twist was specifically developed to clean baby bottles and teats quickly, thoroughly and gently so that they are ready for use at the next baby meal. The flexible brush head makes a particularly thorough cleaning of the bottle possible. Any difficult-to-reach leftovers are also removed without a problem. The special nylon bristles clean thoroughly, without damaging the material of the bottle. With the small, extra teat brush in the handle, teats can be optimally cleaned too.


Product Information

Super-flexible for maximum cleanliness.

Flexible brush head can also reliably reach both the bottom of the bottle and places which are hard to access.

Cleans bottle gently.

Handle contains an integrated teat brush for cleaning teats.

Available in either Blue or Red.