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Classic World Transport 24pc Jigsaw Puzzle

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Classic World believe in delivering the best toys to children around the world based on three principals:  Safety, Quality and Great Play Value.  They have a straight forward philosophy, 'Happy Playing, Happy Learning!'


Their commitment goes beyond just making great toys, they practice an environmentally safe production process and do more than their part in making a safe and clean world for children to grow up in. 

These fun and simple puzzles have fun transport vehicles for your little one to use while starting them into learning about shapes and problem solving with this basic puzzle.


Product Information

A puzzle teaches young ones about the concept of a 'whole' and that each piece is a fraction of the bigger picture. It teaches basic skills such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience, and a sense of achievement once they complete the puzzle.
Includes: Six puzzles in one box
Age: 18 Months +