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Toddler Cutlery Set

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Got a curious toddler on your hands?

One that loves to dig in and take matters into their own hands?

One that’s ready to take their increasing curiosity up a notch The We Might Be Tiny Cutlery Set is exactly what your little explorer needs to feel in charge and rock dinnertime like a superstar self-feeder in the making. Our toddler cutlery set has been ergonomically designed to suit growing hands. The solid, non-slip silicone handles give your tiny human the confidence to really dig in without dropping any prized spag bol. All while our cute signature characters―bear, bunny, and cat―watch on from their tiny embossed spot on the knife, spoon, and fork handle. Each of the utensils comes with a stainless steel eating and cutting surface to gradually transition your munchkin to big kid self-feeding without throwing them in the deep end fending for themselves right away. And once your tiny human is finished, hand the mess over to your dishwasher so you can high-five your toddler for their newfound mealtime independence without having to worry about any of the aftermaths.

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