SnuzCloud Sleep Aid

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Sleep… every new parent wants more of it! That’s why there’s the SnüzCloud, the new stylish and portable baby sleep aid from Snüz.  

With super soft plush fabric, 4 soothing sounds and two light options; help comfort and settle your baby when you need it most! It attaches to your crib, cot, pram or car seat, has an adjustable volume and lasts approx 30 minutes. 

Product Information

4 Sooothing Sounds: SnuzCloud features 4 soothing sounds including pink noise, the new deeper sounding alternative to white noise, and heartbeat, to mimic that of a pregnant mum's womb. 

2 Light Options: SnüzCloud has two light options to give you the choice of a calming pink glow or a brighter soft white light that’s ideal for feeding in the dark or as a night light when they get older. 

Stylish and Portable:
The lightweight cosy design and handy Velcro strap make SnüzCloud the ideal sleep buddy for use on a cot, crib or when out and about, easily attaching to your pram and car seat. 

SnuzCloud’s super soft plush fabric is tactile and comforting, helping relax and calm your child.

* Suitable from birth 
*  Size: 26x17cm 
*  Conforms to EN71 
*  All new materials. Surface clean only 
Batteries not included. Requires 3 x AAA 1,5v 
Fabric composition: 100% polyester 
Safety warning: Keep away from fire. Do not suspend directly over the baby’s head. Soft toys should not be left in a baby’s cot. Remove from a sleeping baby. Do not machine wash – surface clean only. Only adults should handle batteries.