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Discoveroo Rainbow Stack

Discoveroo Rainbow Stack

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Discoveroo products are a range of wooden toys designed to encourage creative play. They stir up the imagination without predetermined outcomes leaving your child to explore the possibilities and develop their mind.  The natural materials stimulate the senses in a way that processed materials cannot. These beautiful blocks are made from 7 different kinds of Exotic woods. Enhances Children€™s Sensory Development as the woods have different qualities, weights, textures, smells, colours and sizes.  Develop children€™s problem solving and fine motor skills. Teachers children the concept of bigger and smaller and how balancing works. Hours of fun to be had while stimulating children€™s sense of challenge while promoting creativity, resilience, and persistence.

Product Information

Suitable for 18+ Months
Width 4.5cm x Length 23.3cm x Height 11.2cm
Each of the 7 different woods will be labelled with the type of wood.




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