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Classic World Pretend Rocket Play

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Classic World believe in delivering the best toys to children around the world based on three principals:  Safety, Quality and Great Play Value.  They have a straight forward philosophy, 'Happy Playing, Happy Learning!'

Their commitment goes beyond just making great toys, they practice an environmentally safe production process and do more than their part in making a safe and clean world for children to grow up in.

Your kids will have a BLAST with the Classic World Pretend Play Rocket. In the rocket, there are twelve different themed rooms like bedroom, operation room, laboratory and etc. Let's build the rocket and take an adventure in outer space.

This rocket perfectly combined construction and role-play into one. You can build on the rocket shells using screws, and build expedition comps with wooden sticks.



Product Information

Recommended Age: 3+ years
Weight: 7.6kgs
Carton Size: 56cm x 12cm x 40cm (L x W x H)
Material:Mixture of MDF, Maple and Plastic