Chicco Physio Soft 6-12m 2pk Soother

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Not all soothers are the same! Find out what makes Chicco's exclusive Physioforma shape better for your baby's breathing.

The Chicco Physio Soft soother features large ventilation holes allowing the correct passage of air, helping to prevent the stagnation of saliva and leaving the skin free to breathe. The ergonomic shape adapts to the baby's face leaving the right space for the nose and chin and the soft, thin base allows the lips to close in a natural way. The Chicco PhysioForma Soft soother teat is made of 100% silicone, a material chosen as it is practical, hygienic, and non-deformable. The exclusive Soft Sense finish makes it soft and velvety.

Clinical studies show that PhysioForma soothers actively support baby's breathing by positioning the tongue forward to maintain an open airway, which is especially important during sleep. Physiological breathing improves quality of sleep and reduces irritability and respiratory tract disorders - better for baby & you.

The unique angle and lateral curve of the teat evenly distribute tongue pressure across baby's palate. Tiny ridges and an inclined teat shape guide proper tongue placement. Together, these important features support baby's growing palate and teeth.

The exclusive teat design was developed, tested, and approved in partnership with an advisory panel of leading neonatologists, pediatricians, and orthodontists. Our Physioforma shape provides the right stimuli for the oral muscles and promotes the correct functionality of the tongue and mouth.

Chicco Physio Soft is suitable for 6-12m. Available in Pink or Blue. 

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