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The Physio Chicco silicone teat adapts perfectly to the baby's mouth and respects the natural sucking movement.

Made of extra-soft silicone, the Chicco Physio teat perfectly simulates the mother's breast, offering the baby a comfortable feeling that facilitates acceptance. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, Chicco's Physio Silicone teat favours the peristaltic movement of the tongue during sucking.

Available in 3 different flow variants, the Physio teat adapts perfectly to all bottles of the PERFECT 5, Well-Being, and Original Touch series.


Product Information

Features: Correct Attack an Peristaltic Movement: Chicco's Physio teat has a symmetrical, elongated, and flattened shape to simulate the mother's breast reshaped by the baby's sucking: elongated and enlarged to promote the natural peristaltic action of breastfeeding.

Extra Soft Silicone - Soft Sense: The special Soft Sense finish of the Physio teat makes it soft and velvety. A sensation is reminiscent of mother's skin for an even more natural comfortable sucking.

Approved by Children: The shape of the teat adapts to the baby's mouth according to 95% of mothers. Accepted by 98% of children.

Compatible with PERFECT 5, Well-Being, and Original Touch Bottles: The Physio teat fits all Chicco PERFECT 5, WELL-BEING, and ORIGINAL TOUCH bottles. When used with the PERFECT 5 bottle, the bottle breathes from the base, letting air in through the Equilibrium Membrane valve. When the teat is fitted to a Well-Being or Original Touch bottle, the anti-colic valve at the base of the teat prevents teat collapse and ingestion of air, helping to prevent colic, regurgitation, and ensuring regular and relaxed breastfeeding.