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The NUK Genius was developed together with dental specialists and is the first choice for all parents who would like to give their baby a soother and attach importance to it being of the highest quality. NUK has now optimised its premium model: the new NUK Genius is softer, thinner and narrower than its forerunner which makes it even kinder to teeth.

It is particularly important for parents to choose a soother for their baby that reduces the risk of crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. Many parents, therefore, put their trust in the NUK Genius, the premium soother in the NUK range. Its design is based on the NUK Shape, which is taken from the shape of a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds.

Since its development in the 1950s, it has been undergoing continuous optimisation with dental experts. The new NUK Genius sees a soother coming onto the market which is now even better at meeting the high demands made on soothers: it is softer, thinner and narrower, making it even kinder to teeth than its forerunner.

1. Extra-soft

The silicone material on the top of the baglet is exceptionally soft and adapts optimally to the palate. The gentle and familiar feeling this gives a baby comes even closer to that of a mother’s nipple on which it is modelled.

2. Extra-flat

The extra-flat baglet of the NUK Genius creates more space for the tongue, enabling a natural sucking movement, as when breastfeeding.

3. Thinner and narrower

The teat neck of the NUK Genius is particularly thin and narrow to reduce pressure on the jaws and teeth.

The baglet is made of silicone, a synthetic material that is completely free from harmful substances and has a pleasantly smooth surface. This material is very soft, particularly heat-resistant and neutral in taste. Silicone is less flexible than latex and a silicone NUK Soother should be replaced once the first signs of use appear (e.g. scratches, bite marks or small holes).


Product Information

For a successful start to a healthy future: the NUK Genius in size 1 gives you the peace of mind that you are doing your best to help your baby’s overall development right from the very beginning.

2 per pack

Size 0-2 months (for small newborns or prem) or 0-6 months.