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Nuk Baby Thermometer Flash

Nuk Baby Thermometer Flash

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The Nuk Baby Thermometer Flash uses an infrared transmitter. It is non-contact as the measuring tip can be held up to 3cm away from the forehead. On the digital display a temperature reading is shown within one second. Parents can then decide if measuring the temperature precisely with a calibrated thermometer for an accurate result is necessary. Particularly practical: There is an acoustic alert to warn when the temperature is running high. Compared with other methods, non-contact measurement is particularly hygienic

  • Measures without touching baby's forehead (hygienic measuring)
  • Quick and precise, result within 1 second
  • Immediate high temperature alert
  • Digital display
  • Versatile use: Can measure temperature of baby food, bath water and room temperature
  • 2 Year warranty

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