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Navy Baby

Navy Baby Wooden Posting Box

Navy Baby Wooden Posting Box

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Introducing the brand new Wooden Posting Box! There is nothing we love more than open-ended options and with this box there are several!  With safety in mind, they have eliminated the common wooden-handled knob seen on most posting boxes and replaced this with a slot handle. This is perfect for the young child to use as a posting option or when sliding out the inner compartment but most importantly, it removes any choking hazards.

  • Age: 10 months+
  • Approx product dimensions: 12 x 12 x 8 cm
  • Contents: 1 posting box, 1 stainless steel sphere, 1 wooden button, 1 wooden ring.
  • The NavyBaby Posting Box features: 1x thin slot - suitable for NavyBaby wooden buttons or NavyBaby Organza scarfs, 1x thick slot -suitable for the NavyBaby A-grade small wooden ring or NavyBaby larger silk scarfs, 1x circle hole - suitable for the NavyBaby small-sized metal sphere, wooden ball, crochet cup, eggs, pom pom, and more!


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