Cariboo Milford Cot and Dresser Complete Bundle

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Cariboo is a family-owned and operated business located in the beautiful region of Canterbury, New Zealand.  Cariboo have been helping families furnish their nurseries with care for over twenty years – and they consider it a privilege to help ensure that your little one has the best start in life.

Be prepared and buy the set! Take the hassle out of shopping by purchasing the complete set, meaning you're all ready to roll. You can find full information of each prodcut on our website. 

Bundle includes:

- Milford Cot

- Milford Dresser

- Milford Toddler Bed Conversion

- Milford Change Tray

- Baby Comfort Mattress

- Waterproof Change Pad

Please note: At times some items in the bundle could be out of stock due to global shipping delays. Please email for more information prior to purchasing if you do not want the items on pre-order. 

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