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Maxi Cosi 2nd/Duo Seat for the Lila Stroller

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 You bought a stroller for one child and now another baby is on the way.

No worries, because the Maxi-Cosi Lila Duo Kit transforms the Lila stroller into a perfect duo stroller so you can go anywhere you need to with both of your young children.

You can easily adjust the duo stroller into 5 different positions to ensure the best comfort for both of your kids. The special pedal helps you to easily lift the stroller to smoothly navigate difficult sidewalks.

The Duo Kit is simple to install and store, and only one set of adaptors is needed. The kit comes complete with the second seat (suitable for 6 months+), a set of adaptors, pedal and raincover.

Demo available in New Lynn to view

In Stock with the supplier can be ordered for delivery within a couple of days.

Product Information

* From birth to approx 3.5 years
* Up to 15 kg