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Maxi Cosi

MaxiCosi RodiFix Pro I-Size Booster - Black

MaxiCosi RodiFix Pro I-Size Booster - Black

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Pre-order only, please enquiry to availability. ETA expected end of June. 

The RodiFix Pro i-Size child car seat has multiple, relaxing recline positions, offering years of comfort for your child. With i-Size safety standards and an adjustable open design which alters in both height and width, your child will always be safe & comfortable as they grow with this group 2/3 car seat. With extra high side wings to maximise side impact protection and made using Eco Care 100% recycled fabrics, now everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Safety: The RodiFix Pro i-Size child car seat is packed with protective features. Firstly, this group 2/3 car seat is built to today€™s highest i-Size safety standards and has high wings on both sides for increased Side Impact Protection. Secondly, Patented AirProtect® safety cushions in the headrest of the child car seat, further protect your child and reduce the risk of head injury by up to 20%. And lastly, G-CELL 2.0 Side Impact Protection adds an extra built-in guard and provides maximum protection with improved 3D impact absorption from multiple angles, to ensure your little one€™s safety. Ease of use: RodiFix Pro i-Size is designed to be easy. With ISOFIX connectors it€™s super-easy to install the child car seat into your car. And with no armrests to get in the way, buckling-up is always quick and hassle-free. So easy in fact, that independent children can buckle-up themselves. We know that you can€™t stop your child from growing up so fast, but you can keep up with them, as the seat€™s adjustable design grows both in height and width. Just press a button on the back of the headrest to adjust the height as they get taller and easily move the intuitive side wings out as they get bigger. Age-range: At any age children want to sit back and relax or sleep during car journeys. With some group 2/3 car seats this often turns into an awkward and uncomfortable nap as their unsupported heads nod forward, which also makes parents feel uncomfortable. Not with the RodiFix Pro i-Size; the multi-age child car seat offers different relaxing recline positions. The open, adjustable design, means that the seat grows with your child, providing years of comfort and safety from 3.5 up to 12 years old. Children are barely in their clothes or shoes long enough to get good use out of them, so it€™s nice to know you€™ll get more than 8 years€™ use with the RodiFix Pro i-Size. Comfort features: With 3 relaxing recline positions, the RodiFix Pro i-Size gives children the choice to either sit up straight and watch the world go by from the window or recline back comfortably and sleep during the journey. The AirProtect® Safety cushions are not only protective, they€™re also extremely soft and provide cushioning for little sleepyheads. The RodiFix Pro i-Size group 2/3 car seat is the responsible choice and made using Eco Care, 100% recycled fabrics. Improved ClimaFlow ventilations panels, breathable foam and fabrics enhance air circulation and keep your child at a comfortable temperature at all times in this ISOFIX car seat group 2/3.

Product Information

Built to the highest i-Size safety standards, RodiFix Pro i-Size provides superior protection from side impacts.
G-CELL 2.0 adds an extra built-in guard and provides maximum protection with improved 3D impact absorption, from multiple angles to ensure your child’s safety.
Patented AirProtect® side impact protection in the headrest reduces the risk of head injury by up to 20% and cushioning enhances comfort for your child.
RodiFix Pro i-Size is fitted quickly and effortlessly into any car, via ISOFIX installation

Product weight: 5.9 kg
Child Age range: 3.5 – 12 years
Child Height range: 100 – 150 cm
Child Weight range: 15 – 36 kg
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Grows with your child both in height and width for the best comfort, from 3,5 to 12 years.
This car seat for children enables you to fit up to three kids in one row. It has a narrow design but is still comfortable due to the in width adjustable side wings.
Planet-friendly innovation to create a sustainable car seat using Eco Care, which means it has 100% recycled fabrics.

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