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The HALO Bassinest glide sleeper is the only bassinet that glides effortlessly across any floor surface, including carpet. Now your little one can sleep as close as you like, while still safely in his own separate sleep area, reducing the risks associated with bed-sharing. To get in and out of bed hassle-free, simply glide the bassinest away from the bed  ideal for all mothers, but especially for those recovering from C-sections. Its unique design means baby is visible at your eye level, allowing you to soothe your baby quickly, while mesh walls provide maximum breathability. In addition, its side wall lowers and automatically returns, allowing you to tend to your baby while still in bed. Its stable, height adjustable base fits next to almost any bed. Recommended for babies up to 20 lbs, or five months of age, or whenever baby begins to show signs of pushing up to hands and knees.




Glides easily across any floor surface, including carpet, to bring baby to you for close, safe sleep.

Gliding discs enable gliding motion and will not scratch or damage your floors, provided they are kept free of dirt and grit.  Debris may damage floors if trapped underneath gliding discs.  

Side wall lowers so tending to baby is easy. Wall can be locked in the upright position, if desired.

Unlike other bassinets, its simple glide motion makes getting in and out of bed hassle-free.

Stable 4-point base adjusts to fit most beds from 24” to 30” tall.

Base easily tucks under bed and requires only 32” clearance from wall, making it ideal for small spaces.

Includes 100% polyester coordinating fitted sheet.

Made from polyester that wipes clean with a damp cloth.  Sheet is machine washable.

Includes storage pocket to keep baby’s essentials close by


Mattress is waterproof and contains no toxic flame retardants.  Independently tested to meet or exceed all U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission safety standards for bassinets. 



Base: 38" x 31"

Legs: 31" each

Overall height: 36" {at lowest point}

Bed: 33.5" x 22"

Weight: 28 lbs


Leg Height:Its low-profile legs can fit under nightstands and beds with 2” (7 cm) clearance


The sides of Bassinest glide sleeper are made from 100% polyester material that easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. The removable, coordinating fitted sheet is machine washable. Do not use bleach. Do not machine wash mattress. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.




Safety Reminder:  Never use soft bedding such as loose blankets, bumpers, pillows, and positioners in the Bassinest.  The American Academy of pediatrics suggests the use of wearable blankets to keep your baby warm.

Do not use any accessories that are not designed to fit with the HALO® Bassinest® glide sleeper, as it may pose a safety risk.  


Recommended for babies up to five months of age. Use should be discontinued when infant shows signs of pulling up, rolling over, pushing up to kneeling position.



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