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Sense & Grow Fidget Sensory Suitcase

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We Give You the Tools, You Provide the Imagination Promote sensory development with a product that will provide endless entertainment. Give kids a form of self-expression that will help them express and cope with their feelings. As visual motor and creativity skills get developed, it will provide opportunities for trying out new ideas and promote new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Sense and Grow Sensory Fidget Case 16 piece set


Includes 4 water beads with a refillable stress ball, 6 poms, 3 pop tubes, colourful stress ball, squishy toy, 2 stretchy noodles, fidget gear, twisty mind fidget, 6 mini squishy poms in a reusable storage organiser suitcase.



Suitable for Ages 6+.

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