Nuk Evolution Magic Cup

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The NUK® family of brands design and develop superior products that enhance your child's overall development. By combining years of expertise and trust, we are committed to nurturing your children's healthy transitions from birth to toddler

Learning to drink independently is one of the most important steps in the development of a baby.

The NUK Magic Cup enables children to drink like adults - just like out of a normal cup and from all sides. The "magic" difference: the cup cannot leak. A silicone disc seals the attachment on the inside. Drinking is child's play: simply suck on the cup edge and the thin edge seal opens - learning to drink is magic! 

Available in a range of colour-ways there is one for everyone. 


Product Information

The Magic Cup is made of high-quality and robust materials, 100% BPA-free and printed with cute motifs. It specially consists of a few individual parts, which can be easily disassembled and cleaned: Simply put it in the dishwasher. And to keep the NUK Magic Cup clean and safe on the go, an additional lid protects it. 

Holds 230ml liquid, for children 8 months and older.
360° drinking rim can be used from each side.
With a protective cap for transport, leak-proof with silicone sealing disc.
Made of high-quality material (PP), BPA-free.
Magical animal motifs in different colour.