Chicco Comfort Silicone 6-16m 2pk Soother

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Chicco was founded in 1958 by an inventor and developer of pharmaceutical devices named Pietro Catelli. Chicco has grown into a global brand with a presence in 120 countries, offering everything from baby gear to nursing, toys, apparel, shoes, and baby care products.

The new Physio Comfort pacifier is designed with a special shape to offer maximum freedom during suction movements, providing greater comfort and delicacy in your skin. It's orthodontic and active teat, which helps the correct development of the oral cavity. It favors the natural position of the tongue; Uniformly distributes pressure on the palate, stimulating its natural development. Super narrow base to fit the correct closing of the mouth.


Product Information

Super ergonomic shape.
It leaves ample space for the baby's nose and chin, facilitating aeration and mouth movement. With a safety ring.

Ample space at the base of the teat.
To facilitate the natural movement of the mouth.
Only 4 contact points.
It guarantees maximum delicacy on the baby's face.
Active teat silicone "mom effect".
Silicone is a transparent and hygienic material, without taste or odor, which does not deform over time.
This unique finish of the Physio Pacifiers Teat makes them extra soft and pleasing.

Available in 3 different sizes to ensure the correct pacifier size.