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The Lactation Station Boobie Balm 20g

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The Lactation Station Boobie Balm is made of 100% pure lanolin, meaning it is completely safe for breastfeeding mothers. Lanolin derives from sheep's wool and is the perfect hydration balm to be used for cracked, painful or dry nipples.

Boobie Balm is 100% natural and non-toxic which means there is no need to wipe or remove the balm before feeding the baby. 

Product Information

About our Boobie Balm

100% pure Lanolin Boobie Balm is safe to use on the skin while breastfeeding.

Non-toxic & you do not have to wipe it off or remove it before your baby breastfeeds.

Note: Although lanolin is generally considered safe, you or your baby may be sensitive to the balm. Boobie balm should be avoided by people with a known allergy to wool as it is 100% Lanolin. If your nipple pain persists, see your midwife, a lactation consultant, or a breastfeeding specialist.

You can safely apply the Boobie Balm to cracked or bleeding areas. However, open areas may need additional time to heal.

You do not need to remove the Boobie Balm from your nipples before breastfeeding.

For better absorption of the balm into the skin, apply 10-15mins before breastfeeding. Or after the baby has finished feeding.

Discontinue use if you experience any increased skin irritation, pain, skin cracking, or bleeding after using our Boobie Balm, or your baby's mouth develops any sores or redness.