Baby Amber Bracelet Bud

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The only proven, natural, drug-free way to reduce the pain of teething. 

Save your Sanity: When your wee bubby is teething the whole household can be put under stress. Bambeado Amber can help make things better for all.

Only 100% Baltic Amber - no fakes:  There is a lot of substandard or even fake amber out there. Bambeado uses only certified, premium-grade Baltic Amber.

Safety First: These anklets are designed for safety AND longevity. Each bead is individually knotted and secured on both sides. It also comes with a pop-out clasp so will automatically open under a defined tension. We have tested and passed all relevant safety standards.

Natural and Safe:  Bambeado Baltic Amber is a must-have if you are looking for an alternative to gels and synthetic drugs.

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