Shop Local

We’ve conquered Corona, but where to from here? It feels as if life is back to normal — handshakes, hugs, coffee dates, and school are no longer a source of fear and worry. But for many New Zealand owned and operated businesses, the hard work is just beginning. 

From stores to manufacturers, suppliers to designers — everyone felt the effect of the national lockdown. It’s now more important than ever that we work together, ‘support local’ and return our economy to normal as quickly as possible. But that’s not the only reason to support Kiwi businesses. Aside from the obvious economic boost, purchasing from Kiwi businesses can also make your life a lot easier. 

  1. Reduced shipping times for online orders
    Outside our bubble, Corona is still running rampant. Between increased border security, decreased air traffic, and a massive influx of people choosing to shop online, orders from overseas are often delayed — sometimes for weeks. It’s hard to pinpoint just how long it will take for an order to reach you from a foreign port. Sometimes they arrive on time, and sometimes they end up lost for good. 

By shopping in-store, you can pick up your purchase then and there. Alternatively, if you’re shopping online, choosing to support a kiwi business often means access to stock already in the country, and you can expect to receive it far quicker than if you have to wait for an overseas order. Either way, you won’t be stuck waiting months for an item you needed last week. 

  1. Returns and exchanges
    If you’ve imported an item from overseas, and it arrives broken, faulty, or it’s the wrong size, you’re going to have to try to return it. Many overseas companies still need to abide by strict safety measures for accepting returns. These measures include washing and sterilising all items. Because of this labour intensive process, many companies aren’t offering their standard return or exchange options. 
    And if you are able to return or exchange the item you ordered from overseas, then you’ll have to repeat the whole nightmare of shipping it internationally again. 

  2. Better customer service
    Most international companies are still dealing with Corona and its impact on their day-to-day business. Staff are run off their feet, answering online questions about returns, shipping times, in-store appointment times, and more. If you just want a little help finding the right size, or selecting the right product, chances are you’ll have to wait ages for a response. And if you’re shopping from a giant multi-store like Amazon or The Iconic, you probably won’t receive any help at all. 
    Meanwhile, local companies hire staff to help give you the product-specific expertise that you need. They’re also experts in their field, so they can help you find the best fit or product based on their own experience, rather than copy and pasting an answer from a cheat sheet. 

  3. Competition is good for your wallet
    Competition and diversity lead to more choices. A marketplace of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices.

Hatch is 100% Kiwi owned and operated, and we take great pride in helping Kiwi families get the gear they need when they need it. We’re also committed to stocking brands that are either designed or made in NZ to help keep our local economy running. We’ve compiled a list of NZ brands that we stock so that you can support local too. 

Products made right here in NZ, stocked by Hatch

  • Classic SheepskinsSuper soft short and long wool lambskin baby rugs — Made in Hawkes Bay.
  • Columbine Socks: Cotton and merino socks — Made in Gisborne.
  • Geppetto Toys: High quality wooden toys designed to last generations — Made in Auckland.
  • Lamington Socks: Merino socks — Made in Gisborne.
  • Made4BabyNatural lotions and sunscreen specifically made for babies sensitive skin – Made in Auckland.
  • Mum2Mum: Everything you need to keep meal times mess free; bibs, facecloths, and more — Made in Hamilton.
  • New Edition: Baby sanitiser and antimicrobial spray — Made in Auckland.
  • Sweet William Muslin: Soft muslin baby wraps and washcloths – Made in Auckland.
  • The Lactation Station: Cookies, tea, and more to provide breastfeeding mothers with nutritious breastfeeding support - made in Mt Maunganui
  • The Nude Alchemist: Natural and organic plant-based products to help eczema, teething, nappy rash, and more — Made in Dunedin.

NZ Books
Many of our books are written by NZ authors and published right here in New Zealand. But some of our all time favourites are: 

NZ designed products stocked by Hatch

  • All Blacks: Supporters gear for the smallest fans.
  • Babu: Merino wool and organic cotton kidswear.
  • Band of Boys: Fun clothing that boys will want to wear. 
  • Bobux: Incredibly popular range of kids footwear.
  • Burrow & Be: Ethically made clothing and bedding in beautiful soft colours.
  • Cariboo: Cots, beds, change trays, and nursery furniture. 
  • CrywolfRain jackets, rain coats and outerwear for active children.
  • Cubbytime: Indoor fabric playhouses for the best adventures. 
  • Eco Sprout: Merino wool blankets.
  • Edwards & Co: Strollers, capsules, carrycots, and accessories. 
  • From NZ with Love: NZ themed bibs, socks, and wraps.
  • Haakaa: Natural, eco friendly baby products including breast pumps, baby bottles and more. 
  • Hello Stranger: Lifestyle kids wear for adventure loving kids. 
  • Hihop: Stylish footwear and accessories for infants and toddlers. 
  • Little Flock of Horrors: 100% merino wool clothing in beautiful hues and patterns.
  • Merino KidsNewborn, baby, infant and toddler clothing, and sleepwear made from 100% natural fibers. 
  • Pretty Brave: Fashion-forward and practical kids footwear.
  • Over the Dandelions: Organic and beautiful baby blankets, washcloths and bibs. Natural wood teethers and toy blocks.
  • Therm Outdoor: Rain Jackets and Outdoor Gear for Boys & Girls. 
  • Touchwood: Beautiful wooden nursery and bedroom furniture. 
  • Woolbabe: Merino and organic cotton sleep suits.