Joolz is excited to announce that they are now offering Joolz owners a Lifetime Warranty on their prams! Available from now on the Hub and Geo², and the new Day³ model (to be launched in Australia in Autumn 2019).

Positive Design

Joolz wants new parents to enjoy the ride with their little one as much as possible. That’s why they promise the best quality and service on their latest pram models – Hub, Geo², and Day³.

How to register for Lifetime Warranty

Simply go to and follow the steps to register within 6 months of purchase. Upon successful registration, recipients will receive a Lifetime Warranty certificate – now ready to enjoy carefree strolling for a lifetime! The Joolz Lifetime Warranty is valid for the first owner only and is non-transferable. Full warranty information and FAQs can be found at

About Joolz

Joolz is a fast-growing Dutch company from Amsterdam. They believe that happy parents raise happy children. That is why they offer young families building blocks to spark their lives with positivity. They call it ‘Positive Design’. It means, they build award-winning, ergonomic, comfortable and stylish pushchairs, car seats and (organic) accessories that contribute to a vibrant lifestyle. Within their philosophy, they look for innovative solutions that helps to create a sunny future. Their reusable packaging, the Joolz Birth Forest (where they plant one tree for each sold pushchair) and their Amsterdam headquarters are the epitome of that. Housed in a sustainably renovated factory with greenhouses and other smart energy-neutral solutions, it is an inspiration to further grow their ‘Positive Design’. Founded in 2004, today Joolz is available in 30 countries around Europe, Asia, Australia and USA.