Whatever the weather!

Whatever the weather!

Summer and Winter

Unless you happen to live in a particularly temperate area, chances are each season will affect your toddler in different ways. You will need to consider the sorts of clothes that are appropriate for the temperature, how you may need to change your child’s routine or activities accordingly, and ways to keep your child safe and healthy whatever the weather. 

Here are some tips for managing New Zealand summers:

  • Protection from the sun is vital! Hatch has many bucket hats, which are great as they offer 360° protection from the sun. Sunblock is essential too. If your little one has sensitive skin, consider Made 4 Baby’s Fragrance-Free SPF50+ Sunscreen, which is both extremely gentle and highly effective.
  • If you’re out in the sun all day, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Crocodile Creek bottles are colourful, bright and include designs perfect for any toddler—ladybugs, sharks, bunnies, zoo animals, planets, and more!
  • Try to avoid being outside, in direct sunlight, during the middle of the day, when the sun’s rays are at their strongest and most harmful.
  • If you’re finding that diaper rash is a common occurrence in the warmer weather, consider using cloth nappies—they are a lot gentler against the skin.
  • Be wary of bugs and mosquitos!
  • The warmer weather can cause trouble sleeping, whether it’s from the heat or just the excitement of sunny summer days, so implement some pre-bedtime downtime. This time can simply be 30-60 minutes of relaxing before bed, which will help immensely when it comes to getting little ones to sleep.

Although winters in New Zealand are often very mild, it’s worth considering these following tips:

  • Toddlers and children can’t handle cold temperatures as well as adults can, so make sure they are wrapped up in very warm clothing.
  • Since colds are more common in winter, make sure your child is washing their hands frequently and covering coughs and sneezes.
  • As for fun things to do, get creative indoors! Activities such as cooking and baking are great for bonding time with your little one. Alternatively, they might enjoy drawing, painting, having a dance party, or even community indoor activities such as storytime at your local library, indoor play areas, or museums.
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