Teething Tots

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You can expect to see a few strange behaviours arise once your baby’s first teeth start to come through. Drooling, trouble sleeping, fussiness, and biting or chewing (on anything in sight!) are some of the signs that your baby has begun the teething process. Teething should start at around 4-6 months and will continue until your little one has all of their teeth—or around 2 ½ years. 

It can be a tough time, but the only thing to do is to ensure your baby has things to chew on that are safe and enjoyable! There are a bunch of good teethers to choose from, such asHaakaa natural teethers, Sophie the GiraffeLamaze range or our very own squid the silicone sensory balls! (as seen in photo). It all comes down to personal preference.

One essential part of the teething process is dental care. You should stay on top of cleaning your baby’s gums and emerging teeth after every feeding and before bedtime. We recommend using Tooth & Gum Wipes from Dr Brown’s or a damp cloth or gauze pad. 

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