Choosing the right breastpump for YOU

Choosing the right breastpump for YOU

Choosing the right breast pump can seem as difficult as finding the perfect pair of shoes, there are so many factors to consider and too many options to choose from! But once you do find the perfect pair, you feel ready to face just about anything. 

So where should we even start? The first thing to remember is that every mother is built beautifully different so, just like shoes, what someone else likes, prefers, or fits, might not be best for you. It’s important to get to know both your own needs and your baby’s needs so that you can find the perfect pump. 

Start by asking yourself: how often am I planning to pump? You wouldn’t wear heels on a walk or sneakers to a cocktail party, in the same way, the pump should complement your situation. If you’re only planning to pump occasionally then a Nuk’s manual Jolie Pump would be a great option. If you’re planning to pump more regularly then Nuk’s electric Luna pump would be wiser. If you're planning to pump daily then you’d also want an electric pump but one which provides a more consistent pumping pattern. 

Secondly ask yourself: how much breast milk does my baby need? If you're a busy mama who’s back at work and you need to be supplying a high amount of milk, then going for a double electric pump is a good idea - it pumps from both breasts simultaneously, simply making it more efficient and better in the long run. Alternatively, a single electric pump is good for daily use if your baby doesn’t need as much supply. 

The final question is do I value technology over price or price over technology? While we’d all love to be walking around in a pair of Louis Vuitton's, sometimes we’ll just have to settle for our everyday heels and that’s totally fine. Other times we’d prefer to spend a little extra on a pair of shoes as a long term investment. You’ll be the best at assessing your personal circumstances and what you value more. In the same way, if you’re looking for a breast pump and prefer to opt for a less expensive one but which does the job well, then go for Nuk’s first choice+ pump. However, If you’d rather have a breast pump equipped with the tech to guide you along your expressing journey then you’d better suit Nuk’s Nature sense pump

Once you figure out what suits your needs here are a few pumping pointers. Just like everything in life, you’ll get the most out of your pump if you’re well-hydrated, fed, relaxed, and rested! But we know this can be incredibly difficult to achieve as new parents so just try your best. It’s also important to give yourself time to adjust, it's definitely not the most comfortable experience in the beginning. Try to relax as much as possible when expressing, even if that means turning the suction down a little while you get used to it just like breaking into a new pair of shoes. Remember your breast pump is supposed to support your feeding journey not make it more difficult. Generally, it takes around two weeks of regular use at around 15 minutes a day to adjust to a new breast pump, but again, every mother is different. 

We hope this helped you find your perfect fit, however, if you have any questions you can reach us through any of our socials because we’d love to help you feel ready to face just about anything.


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